Science Exhibition Popularizes the Field in BeijingNovember 19, 2019A mini scientific exhibition themed Universe Creation is being held in Beijing through to November 24.
    Making Their MarkNovember 19, 2019An exhibition at the National Museum is presenting China's ancient writing system on oracle bones to a wider contemporary audience
Exhibition Shows Charm of Manchu EmbroideryNovember 11, 2019A Manchu embroidery exhibition opened in a creative cultural industrial park in Chaoyang District in Beijing on November 2.
BRICS Partnership on New Industrial Revolution 金磚國家新工業革命伙伴關系 (jīn zhuān guójiā xīn gōngyè gémìng huǒbàn guānxì)November 18, 2019President Xi Jinping on Wednesday called on the business circles to actively participate and promote BRICS economic cooperation so as to make tangible contributions to economic growth and job creation.